improvising time

Lately I’m starting up with some new and old projects. But in the meantime, next to teaching, I’m improvising a lot. Mainly with the MuDaChiefs, and helping them in the background. 5T6A1998 AMuDaChiefs is an improvisation performance platform running since 2016 with the aim to give interdisciplinary improvisation performance a contemporary form and to give it new inputs and energy. We organize monthly R&D sessions for professional artists from a variety of disciplines, dance, music, theater, spoken word, etc… who have different backgrounds, come from different styles, young and old, experienced and not yet. The main drives are the encounter, the exchange and the curiosity about each other. Also, the MuDaChiefs perform regularly in the Brabant region in festivals, on surprising locations and in different contexts. This encourages the interdisciplinary exchange, expands networks and creates a sustainable open source community that invests in research, innovation and deepening of alternative forms of presentation. The MuDaChiefs is an initiative of DansBrabant, drawn and curated by Jack Gallagher (Bodies Anonymous) and Jacqueline Hamelink (Sounding Bodies) and open for anyone to join and to contribute.



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