Eline van Ark dancingBIO

After graduating in Arnhem from the ArtEZ School of Dance in 2010, Eline started as a freelance dancer and choreographer. With her work she wants to show the capacity and expressiveness of the body, to incite curiosity for dance, and to connect with the audience through interaction and sensorial experiences. She is driven to deepen the quality of artistic content. Eline created her first project, RADAR, together with Barbara Ebner. In RADAR the dancers responded to the sounds of the audience, and translated these into movement. Thus te audience became the composer of the piece. RADAR has been performed over 60x in 5 countries, and won prizes at the SoloDuo Festival in Cologne and Budapest. RADAR was created without subsidies and Eline and Barbara organised everything themselves.

Her second project The Invisible Dancer turns it all around: in this piece the audience closes their eyes and listens to the sounds of the dancer. This piece is accessible for both seeing as well as blind people, and blind people joined the making process of the piece. The Invisible Dancer was supported financially by AFK, VSBfonds, and 3 funds for the blind and visually impaired. Diane Elshout advised Eline on artistic and business matters.

Next to her work as dancer and choreographer, Eline was from 2011 to 2014 an important founding member of CLOUD@Danslab, a platform for independent dance and movement artists. During those 3 years CLOUD grew to a stable and dynamic place for research and exchange.

Since May 2013 Eline is teaching with great satisfaction modern dance at the pre-education of ArtEZ School of Dance in Arnhem and Venlo, and also the Fontys pre-education Musical in Venlo. For both educations she also creates pieces for the students for their yearly performances.



If you want to put Eline in a box, then put her in this one: interactive interdisciplinary conceptual sensorial systemic visionary integrative movement expressionist

Meta-dance is what she creates.

Her ambitions as a dance artist:

To make contact with the audience, to empower them and give them a voice in the artwork

To express what is authentic to the body, to communicate with people, by moving bodies

To activate the fantasy and imagination of people

To highlight rhythm and melody (inner music) in movements and the body

To experience the here and now more deep and present, and to spread this state of mind to the audience

To make art and dance relevant again, not just a distraction, but a need – to relate it to people’s daily lives and their own frame of reference

To change perspectives of the audience, through the dance, in a strange way

To give people an aesthetic experience


You can get in touch through elinevanark@hotmail.com


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