Besides dancing in her own work, Eline has been dancing amongst others in the ongoing projects of:

Impro Collective Wateraap, a multi-disciplinary group of performers who research the art of instant performance improvisation, looking for quality in this art form and putting the discipline back on the map as a serious performance art form. Our activities focus around the area of Noord-Brabant (NL), and have been meeting regularely, without funding and entirely self-organised.

Currently, the performers of the group are: Stefanie Janssen (singer), Arnoud Rigter (poet), Sabien Canton (harp), Robin Berkelmans (dancer), Fabian de Beyn (guitar and electronic), Eline van Ark (dance).













Jack Gallagher, ( with whom she is researching performativity and what we do to the audience when we dance


Lea Canu Ginoux, who works with slowmotion and a ritualistic tracing of a pre-set pathway in space





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