RESET Summer Xtra

RESET is a workshop series, organised especially for the needs of young talented dancers who already are in pre-education or take high level dance classes in amateur schools, and have the ambition to go to a dance academy. The workshop intensives take place during school holidays and offer a range of dance classes that are not part of the regular modern dance school programme, but that do offer an important addition to the education of aspiring dancers. Classes such as Gaga technique, partnering, improvisation scores, African dance, dramaturgy, and Urban techniques are part of the workshop programme. The workshop series focuses on Limburg and is organised in collaboration with the Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg.



ONS FONDS is a laboratory for new practices in the distribution of subsidies, an experimental forerunner for future reforms.

Increasingly, both artists and art institutions are talking about the lack of connection between the function of their arts practice and the way it is funded by governmental bodies. With ONS FONDS, the Dutch performing arts field takes responsibility for a thriving artistic climate by founding an alternative subsidy system from within. ONS FONDS proposes to make mutual trust, joint responsibility, and substantive conversation into core values guiding the distribution of subsidies.

Eline is one of the team members who helped to set up the first trial set-up in 2018-2019.


CLOUD @ Danslab

Eline was one of the initiators, and for three years she has been a core organising member of the dance and performance research platform CLOUD @ Danslab in Den Haag (NL).


“CLOUD facilitates artists to do performance research. We also offer dance classes, workshops, expert meetings and and gettogethers. CLOUD runs the studio of Danslab, Den Haag. We develop, innovate, share and exchange dance and performance related activities with artistic peers and other people interested, from all ages, backgrounds, experience or know-how. CLOUD is an open platform, empowering anyone coming along with a great idea or specific interests. CLOUD is initiated by independent art & research professionals and amateurs. CLOUD has hardly any money, therefor little obligations. Everybody in CLOUD is a volunteer and we celebrate an open group structure. We learn by doing. Mutual trust and engagement are our key values. We work towards a vibrant exchange of ideas, knowledge, body & performance practices. ”



The MuDaChiefs is an improvisation performance platform created and curated by Jack Gallagher/Bodies Anonymous, Jacqueline Hamelink/Sounding Bodies and DansBrabant from 2016-2018.

Gallagher and Hamelink, together with Dans Brabant created the MuDaChiefs platform in order to re-vision interdisciplinary improvisation performance from the inside out. They organize and lead monthly R&D sessions for various artists from a variety of disciplines (dance,music,theater, spoken word etc…) who are young and old, experienced and not yet. They perform regularly in festivals in the Brabant region and are setting up regular monthly performances of a low threshold nature for the sake of breathing new life into the genre, stimulating interdisciplinary exchange, expanding networks and creating a sustainable open source community invested in performance innovation.

As assistant curator Eline supports Jack and Jacqueline in the organisation.



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