Eline teaches modern dance at the ArtEZ school of dance pre-education in Venlo and Arnhem. Students between 8-17 years old who aspire to be a dancer in the future, come to the pre-education to start their career. Eline introduces them to the technique and movement principles of Modern and Contemporary Dance, like floorwork, standing work (movements based on Graham technique, Limon technique, Cunningham, Countertechnique), improvisation, partnering.

Eline also creates choreographies for her students that are being performed during the yearly school performances.

Eline also teaches similar modern classes to the students of the Fontys pre-education Musical Venlo, connected to Valuascollege.

Next to her regular classes, Eline also likes to teach movement classes to dance lovers (amateur/semi-professional dancers). In these classes she works with different movement qualities, mindsets and movement intentions as the base of movements. She will be training not so much the shape, initiation or style of dance, but rather the ability to shift from one way of approaching the body to another, switching perspectives and body-mind connections. Consciousness about breath, weight, musicality, focus and spatial directions will be parameters to distinguish the differences between various ways of moving.



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