In my own choreographic work I’m very much into experimenting with specific elements and concepts of dance. I take one aspect and zoom in on it, research it, and create a piece around it. Therefore my work is best described as meta-dance. It is not dance necessarily, but it’s diving into a specific layer of the art form, revealing one special aspect, dynamic or principle of dance. The result can be very similar to dance, but at other times not like dance at all. Therefore I call it meta-dance: dance about dance, dance in dance, dance beyond dance.

Here is an overview of my current repertoire:


Dances for Smartphone

Born in corona times, when live performances were a no-go, I started the series. Dances for Smartphone are short video dance performances created especially and exclusively for your phone. In the series I’m the dancer and choreographer, and each time I find a role for my young son.

Shots of #1 and #2










The Invisible Dancer

Choreography: Eline van Ark

Dance: Aida Guirro Salinas

Dancer in pre-research: Mojra Vogelnik Skerlj

The Invisible Dancer is a sensorial dance performance, created to be experienced with eyes closed. Sound becomes tangible and movements get under your skin. How do you look at dance when you can’t see? Close your eyes to see beyond the shape of dance, and experience how deep the experience can go.

During the making process of The Invisible Dancer, Eline collaborated with people with a visual impairment, locals from the Amsterdam Transvaal neighborhood, and (dance) artists. Together with them she researched the possibilities of listen-dance. And with their feedback, knowledge and experience as a base Eline shaped the final choreography. After many open rehearsals, research presentations and try-outs, the process accumulated in a complete dance-listening-experience. A choreography with a very special change of perspective, accessible for both blind people as well as people without a visual impairment.

More about the project on the Invisible Dancer website, for those who read Dutch.

For a little taste of the working process, have a look at this video:




RADAR – a danced sound concert, where movements resound in the space. The bodies of the two dancers form the interactive map of the sounds that are present in the room, every little sound gets mirrored in their movements. As a spectator you are the essential part and yet the unknown variable in this world of sounds. RADAR is a playful and surprising duet about our senses, and their connection to the body, space and people around us.

About the RADAR project

A dance research about sound, listening and the connection to the body lead to the piece RADAR as it is now. The piece can be performed in two different mutations: RADAR for theatres and on location, and the version for children called Alice in Audiotenland. RADAR won the 2nd prize on the SoloDuo Festival in Cologne (2013) and received an honorable mention at the SzoloDuo Festival in Budapest (2014) for artistic courage and quality of execution.

Choreography and dance: Eline van Ark and Barbara Ebner

Csaba Mészáros


Next to all of this, I also make commissioned work for dance schools, such as ‘Chasing Reality’, danced by D&JD Company and D&JD Junior Company of Balletstudio Daniëlle, ‘Drieluik’ (‘Triptych’) danced by the dancers of the Lindenberg Dance Company, and pieces for my students of the ArtEZ Vooropleiding Dans Venlo, ArtEZ Vooropleiding Dans Arnhem and Fontys Vooropleiding Musical Venlo.


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